Its a duo sisters brands, Reena and Ruchi, Reena holds
masters degree from the UK, where as Ruchi is graduated from NIFT Hyderabad. As sisters we knew our common love for fashion, crafts and design.
we focused on prioritizing comfort with the essence that a fabric carry then worked our way towards designs and patterns keeping a theme of minimalism yet somethings that attracts people and leaves an impression. To find a new collection we believe in experimentation and trying new and every technique playing with these color pallets. Then we started to develop designs that are perfect for casual and light wears things people could wear every day with comfort. This is what passionate us about our work and keeps us out of our beds every single day. We design for all and their everyday needs. Taking inspiration from everywhere from places, culture, nature, history, and fashion. Never stop never quit that is what drives us as our motto and allows us to take calculated risk and learn from every decision we make. We are always ready to take to accepts obstacles along the way and challenges that motivate us to bring out the best in us for the best of you.