A riveting tale from a mysterious land
Scientifically, the months and years are counted on the basis of lunar or solar movements. One such example being the Visuva Sankranti that occurs twice each year signaling the start of a new season. Sankranti marks the transmigration of the Sun from one month to the other, while Poornima (full moon) defines the start of a different month in the lunar calendar. It only happens twice a year that the Sun fully rests on the equator and on these two dates the lengths of days and nights remain equal.

As the Earth completes one rotation around its axis we experience days and nights. From sunrises to sunsets, the timings of each are never the same. Shorter days in winter to shorter nights in summer, the relation of the Sun and the Moon has been one to observe. Coming close to each other and then far away, every year they write a new story. Not of the eclipses that are hard to miss, but of the equinox that they cannot resist.

There comes an occasion where they face each other from the farthest distance and communicate with nothing but their presence. When the days are equal with the nights, and the Sun parallel to the moon. Celebrating the beginning of their journey towards each other, Earth witnesses a blast of euphoria.

From one mystical place, we congratulate them as the land starts to transform. As though a spell had been cast, both flora and fauna evolve into a magical version of themselves. Leaving mere words behind they speak in the language of music. Melody shifting every few square meters, nothing and no one can resist humming the lovestruck song.

Focusing on one such square meter, our effervescent parrot flies high up the sky to attend this unique meet cute. As we are introduced to our fellow dwellers from the enchanted forest a sense of tranquility fills our heart, calming every nerve running circles in our body. From the silence of an overzealous monkey to the patience in a resentful leopard, not even a fallen leaf could obscure the deep serene that had spread across all ground. Addressing the communication without words a benevolent bird sang with all its glory, into the equinox.